What will Cellular Yoga do for me?

  • Tone your brain and nervous system
  • Calm your fight or flight response
  • Clarify and enhance your intentions
  • Amplify your inner vision
  • Enlarge your self-healing tool box

  • How?

    Through breath, movement, meditation, visualization, and chanting.

    What is class like?

    A series of processes that flow through the key concepts. Sometimes we sit, stand, move through space, do asana and restorative poses. Expect stillness, peace, and play.

    What is the fitness level?

    Any fitness level. What the body can’t do, the mind can.

    Key Concepts

    The Molecular Ocean

    We practice the power of gratitude, intention, and visualization in order to change the molecular structure of the fluids within our bodies. Influencing our “molecular ocean” will enable the cellular transformation we seek.

    Acupuncture Points as Portals

    We use a group of major points to communicate with our molecular ocean.

    The Brain as a “Team”

    We address our inner chemist, wisdom, visionary, architect, and guidance to remove obstacles and create cellular change.


    We practice manipulating (through intention) the fluid within our brain and spinal cord in order to quiet and restore our nervous system.


    We visualize color as an energetic language to initiate changing the make-up of our RNA and DNA, re-wiring our cells.


    We allow laughter and fun to open us up to discovery and joy ~ a blissful and surprising pathway to health.


    We practice prana to quiet the mind and integrate the practice.


    We use “seed sounds” and mantra to experience profound teachings and to exercise our brains with a new language, rhythm and melody.


    We practice this powerful tool to manifest our intentions.

    A note from

    Dr. Diane Sandler LAc OMD CST-D

    I joyfully invite you to experience Cellular Yoga and discover how to heal and protect your nervous system. Freeing myself and others from the limitations of core issues has become my mission. I’ve created “Cellular Yoga” as a practical, useful way to gently approach the unapproachable ... profound transformation. Cellular Yoga is a brain workout, designed with the intention of connecting your inner wisdom to universal guidance. My life journey has included many years in the world of dance and many in the world of medicine. Cellular Yoga is the synthesis of all my education and experience infused with an intense desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Cellular Yoga feels like the inevitable result of my life and I gratefully recognize it is the product of connecting my inner wisdom to universal guidance. Please consider experiencing Cellular Yoga.
    Namaste, Diane