Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST)

CST is a profound approach to enhancing “The Molecular Ocean." Cranial Sacral Fluid (CSF) is the source of nourishment to the brain and spinal cord. By improving the ability of CSF to flow, general well-being will be improved. 
By gentle skilled treatment the therapist can locate and release restrictions within the spine, the cranium, and throughout the body. 
The most common descriptive words that patients use are safe, powerful, deeply relaxing, and surprisingly effective. It is sometimes difficult for someone unacquainted with CST to imagine how such a non-invasive, light touch therapy can have such profound results. Nevertheless, clinical results are consistent and predictable. Dr. Sandler OMD LAc CST-D has been practicing cranio sacral therapy since 1994. She studied in Florida with Dr. John Upledger and holds a Diplomat from the Upledger Institute. She is certified to teach the Introduction to Cranio Sacral Therapy course and study groups.

What is it?

CST is a gentle bodywork focusing on the optimum function of the nervous system. The quality of touch is light (about the weight of a nickel). The patient is dressed, comfortable, and relaxed.

Treatment goals are:
  • Quieting the fight or flight response
  • Promoting healing by reducing stress
  • Releasing stored trauma
  • Reducing pain
  • Connecting consciously to your Inner Physician

  • What is the cranio sacral system?

    The system includes the bones in the cranium, the spinal column, the dural tube, the brain, the spinal cord and the cranial sacral fluid.

    Why is cranio sacral therapy important?

    CST is a "global" treatment that addresses our nervous system, influencing our emotions, chemistry, and body functions. It interfaces with the connective tissue throughout our body.

    Who needs it?

    Anyone with a brain and a spinal cord can have their health enhanced.

    Somato Emotional Release (SER)

    Safety Privacy Relaxation Trust Release Resolution Recovery Transformation SER is a companion treatment to CST. When one is safe, relaxed, and being treated for a problem that has an emotional component, the therapist might begin to dialogue with the patient in order to release emotions stored in the body. SER is powerful, effective, and entirely optional. It is up to the patient whether or not this is a journey he or she wishes to take. Dr. Sandler believes that the emotional component in any disease can be the root cause. She feels that the body will escalate the seriousness of health problems until the underlying feelings are dealt with. Dr. Sandler has dedicated herself to become a facilitator to this process and has witnessed remarkable results when the toxic load of stored history is released from the body’s tissue memory.

    A note from

    Dr. Diane Sandler LAc OMD CST-D

    Brains and Babies During my 20 years of practicing CST and SER, I have developed a special interest in treating babies and their families and in addressing brain health. I’m studying course work all the time to become more effective, and to embrace all the new discoveries available to me. I am collaborating with birthing professionals, and am reaching out to people who are suffering from brain injuries.


    Cranio Sacral Therapy is uniquely appropriate for treating brain dysfunction.


    This therapy addresses and improves the basic function of the brain, the motion of cranial bones, and the circulation of cranio sacral fluid. When our brains function better, our well being is benefited. Here is a list of some of the issues that can be improved:

  • Headache
  • Depression
  • Head Injuries
  • Vertigo
  • Stress
  • Worry
  • Insomnia
  • Grief
  • Negative emotions

  • Babies & Moms

    Ongoing CST for Babies and Moms, beginning prior to conception, through pregnancy, labor and delivery, and after Baby comes will enhance and ease the experience for them both. "The inner wisdom of a fetus and an infant is every bit as intelligent as that of an adult. It knows what its body needs to correct its dysfunctions. It knows why those dysfunctions are present. It has a softer voice than the adult inner wisdom. Therefore the Cranio Sacral Therapist must learn to listen more carefully. Once the connection is made, all the information you need will be forthcoming." —John E. Upledger, DO, OMM (Developed CST in the 1970s) Many issues are effectively addressed, including but not limited to these:

  • Mental and emotional preparation for childbirth
  • Increasing physical comfort during pregnancy
  • Treating morning sickness
  • Addressing sciatica
  • Supporting healthy movement for baby
  • Assisting Mom and Baby to be more comfortable after birth
  • Treating colic
  • Treating torticollis
  • Improving nursing
  • Addressing remolding baby's head (plagiocephaly)
  • Supporting healthy bonding with the entire family