Getting to Know Dr. Sandler

My mother was an artist, my dad was a nuclear chemist ... my solution was to become a peacemaker. Blend together a fierce desire to make a difference, a desire to live outside the box, a willingness to learn, and then add an equal portion of empathy ... That is my story — always a balancing act between art and science. I have dedicated myself to becoming the best doctor I can, and have followed my own inner guidance to answer that calling.

Educational Background:
B.F.A. Dance and Drama
Boston, Conservatory 1971

Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine
1986, first graduating class
Santa Monica, California

Doctor of Oriental Medicine
SAMRA University of Oriental Medicine 1988

Medical Qi Gong
SAMRA University 1991

Upledger Institute
Extensive studies 1994—ongoing
Diplomat of Cranio Sacral Therapy 2001

Extensive continuing education throughout
Career—(focusing now on brains and babies)

Certified Yoga Teacher/Therapist 2013